About Chloe Levaillant

Chloe Levaillant is a French-British eclectic folk singer/songwriter and multi-instrumental artist. 

With a background in opera singing and a Masters degree from California Institute of the Arts in vocal performance, she has been writing music since 2010. Chloe has just released her fourth album with her band Chloe et Les Vaillantes. 

Her songs, written in French, English and Spanish speak of her sensitivity, profound experiences and human connections with lyrics that capture both the darkness and the beauty of life. Chloe seamlessly weaves soothing folk melodies and reggae rhythms, intertwining themes of freedom, love and strength whilst borrowing from elements found in nature. 

Chloe hopes to encourage others, through her music to connect to their own sensitivity and to the wild figure that lives within each of us. 

Chloe is an independent, self-managed artist and has toured in the UK, Switzerland and France, building a loyal following of people she has touched with her music and her uplifting messages.

Photo credits: Nina Evans