From the recording Acres

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I'm waiting for the storm to pass, and I'm hoping that it won't last.
Sitting here under the rain, and the rain is getting to my brain.
Now it's raining inside of my head, and I don't know what they just said.
I've been sitting here all day long, I'll be sitting here when night is come.
When night has come.

I'm waiting for a clear blue sky, I'll be waiting till the day that I die.
And nothing's going to come my way, 'cause I'm sitting here everyday.
Now rain is falling from my eyes, 'cause I chose a life that I despise.
But I wont sit another day, to waste my life away.

So Good morning everyone, say good morning to the sun, forget about yesterday, because you're well and truly on your way, with your blue shoes on, you're on your feet, this time say no to defeat, there's no way you can go wrong, if you just keep your head strong.
Good morning, everyone it's a brand new day and you're on the run. Forget about what the others say because you're living life your way. With tea for two and stories to share, running wild with the wind in your hair. 20 odd years upon your skin and fire burning from within, from within, there's a fire in your heart. It's asking you to start, be on your way, don't waste another day, there's no time to loose for days, down in the blues, down in the blues, feeling abused when your down in the blues. Down in the blues, down in the blues, lost and confused when you're down in the blues.