From the recording Footsteps


I didn't have to go very far to find you down there lying in your vessel
and I can see the stars in my mind as you said your goodbyes to the devil
and I found you lying in the darkness, covered in ashes of springs ebb and flow
you were timeless as you spread out your branches into the ether where no one ever goes

I found you lying with the skin on your back
when your cracks began to show through your seams
and I couldn't help but smile because I told you all the while
that nothing is ever as it seems

and our souls were soaring from our bodies
lying naked on the ground
there were voices in my head but no words were being said
so I learnt to listen
to the faintest sound

and I would like to know
where we go
when we close our eyes
are you waiting on a ride
why this waiting all the time
there is always some place inside you can go