1. Dreamer

From the recording Bloom

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lyrics and music by Chloe Levaillant
mixed and mastered by Pablo Dominguez
artwork by Martine Ingrid


I am a dreamer in the day time I shed my skin at dusk
I've been craving your affection
I am hungry for your touch
I've been getting to know myself some,
but now that's not enough
Could we wash away the stains we run from
could we be enough

I left my lover in the dust you watched me disappear
Could I have been better I've grown so much in myself since last year
And when I close my eyelids
you're never hard to find
You have been occupying my mind
for some time

And I will take you to a place you've never been before
Where I went to find where the beauty lies
when we closed the door
climb up to the tree tops I'll see you there
you're the one I've been looking for
Don't carry my heart I will carry my own
I don't need you anymore
but I want you

I want to remember how to touch you, how our bodies meet as one
Sunken silhouettes in the firelight
Soaked in the rays of the sun
I love how serious is your smile
How rough your fingertips
Your gaze when you surrender to different thoughts just like they really exist
Could we be enough
Could we really exist
Could we be enough
Could we really exist.