1. Her hand

From the recording Bloom

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Her hand

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Oh so young inside her hand,
we've a thousand ways to go to grow old.
And the world we build will sink back beneath the sand and our bodies will unfold

The lines laid out beneath the sky
I always believed that I'd be with you when I died.
But blessed are we to have walked the walk as one,
now our little lives shrink beneath the sun.
Is the end so near we've only just begun.
and would you hear me now if you knew I had to run

because the path wasn't paved by you or I, nor anyone
I guess I'll see you there, if I'm headed home

Walk me to the edge and I will fall
Then I'll learn to fly and realize, you didn't teach me all I know,
I made my own way to you
I feel stronger when I think of how small we are.
Coiled inside the vessel of the earth,
turning in cycles, every day rebirth.
You're a thousand miles away, my sun is bright, you sleep at night
I'm sending love, for what it's worth.