Birds I view

Birds I view is a collaborative performance between four females that shows a conscious and considered view of the female body, through live and mediated imagery and sound. With the use of technology, Samantha Son Dokidis, Chloe Levaillant, Laura Fisher and Charneh Watson playfully explore and embrace the female gaze as subject and object through visual images, live soundscapes and choreography. Through the collaboration, personalities and creative practices of the individual performers are brought together to create an original piece of work. The politic of the performance is inspired by theories such as Laura Mulvey's Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema as well as John Berger's Ways of Seeing. As four females in a space we seek to capture multiple aspects of the female experience.

Before our I's




Before our I's is a contemporary opera directed and produced by Chloe Levaillant for four performers and vocalists. Through sound, voice, movement and strong visuals, the work addresses the lives of trees in the 21st century and the issues that we face as climate change becomes more and more of a reality and humanity continues to be removed from the natural source of our comfortable consumer goods. Before our I's showcases a variety of different styles of vocal music; from gregorian chant inspired choral music to singer/songwriter and vocal improvisations using extended techniques.

A Poem.

A poem is a collaborative project between Chloe Levaillant and Sunniva Saetarang that explores the relationship that we share with space and place. The choreographic element of the video was developed through improvised movement in a variety of different locations around Glasgow, Scotland. The sonic world was created by Chloe Levaillant using her voice, mediated in various different ways to create a sonic response to the visuals created.