Chloe Levaillant is a French-British singer-songwriter, vocalist, improviser and composer. Born in London, she spent the early part of her childhood in England before moving to France with her family. Chloe developed a passion for singing very early on. In the small village of Garsington, England where she grew up there was an Opera house where she could listen to the singers practicing. She started taking singing lessons age 7  and went on to study opera at the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud in Aix en Provence, when her family moved to France. 

She left home after finishing school age seventeen with a thirst for adventure. Her path led her to Colombia where she worked as an English teacher in a primary school and then to India where she picked up street performance as a way of funding her travels. A year after finishing school, she attended Mcgill in Montreal only to drop out a couple of months later, quickly realizing that she was on the wrong path. During this time, aged 18, she started writing her first songs. She was accepted into a BA in Contemporary Performance Practice at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland the following academic year and graduated in 2016. She was then granted a scholarship to study vocal performance at California Institute of the Arts and received her MFA in Music in May 2019. During the summers of her studies she would return to Mainland Europe to perform her music on the streets and continue to travel. During this time she also released two self produced albums. 

Her parents encouraged her and her sisters’ involvement in the arts and she took dance lessons between the age of 2 and 17 years old. As an artist Chloe brings together her wide range of interests in music, dance and visual arts to create her own multi-media works. 

She has just released her third self produced album, Bloom; a collection of sentimental songs, lyrically raw and honest, she invites the listener to experience and immerse themselves inside her musical world.

Photo credits: Nina Evans

Photo credits: Nina Evans